About Us

Srta Style Cosmetics was founded in 2018 by Karla Martinez a brand builder, fashion & style expert, and top social media influencer who innovated a growing cosmetics company around natural beauty products, simple makeup regimens, and women empowerment.

Karla intertwined her love of cosmetics with her graphic design expertise to found SRTA Style Cosmetics, a makeup lifestyle brand for the on-the-go everyday woman wanting to celebrate and enhance her natural beauty. Karla’s backstory of personal acne struggles and the lack of high-quality hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free makeup lines, inspired her to create her own cosmetics line. Her philosophy: ‘Less is more’ because no women should have to hide under makeup to feel beautiful.

As CEO of SRTA Style Cosmetics, Karla oversees the company’s mission, branding, operations, growth strategies, partnerships, and product innovation, and is expanding her line from 10 products to 35 new products in 2019. Her brand’s niche: light, fresh, natural and cruelty-free products for 360-degree use—from makeup to no-makeup looks, day and night, any occasion. The purpose: to embrace and accentuate the natural beauty women already have.

The seeds of Karla’s success were sown in Venezuela where as a young girl she dreamed of owning her own beauty line. Inspired by her hardworking mother, Karla forged a career path that would one day leverage cosmetics to empower women everywhere. Believing in her mission and driven by all the negative noise and constant no’s along the way, she studied the industry, found a way in, and persevered. Fast forward to today, where Karla is quickly expanding her cosmetic brand and industry influence. A high-profile beauty/fashion blogger and social media influencer, Karla has been featured in various English and Spanish publications, magazine covers, runway shows, and TV appearances, including Siempre Mujer, The Knot, Conexiones, and Hola TV. She has organically built a social media following of over 100,000 followers, some of whom she has met while traveling all over the world and studying different cultures. And through it all, she has made sure to remain grounded in her roots, keep family (including her Cocker Spaniel puppy!) her top priority, and have a lot of fun (ask her how much she loves dancing).

Passionate about paying it forward and staying true to herself, Karla will be launching a new philanthropic foundation in 2019 to educate, equip, inspire and support single women immigrating to the U.S. to get back on their feet, leverage resources, create a strong voice in business, and realize the American Dream… just as she has.